Why iworos.com is iworos39 on social media?

To answer this question in a comprehensive manner is necessary to make clear some basic concepts that make up the very roots of this initiative.

  • iworo: He is an interpreter of the oracle of the Diloggun (caracaol) because he has been duly consecrated and has already initiated other people in the cult of the osha rule.
  • Ogunda tonti Osa (3 – 9): It is a sign of the Diloggun where the union of Oggun and Ochosi is born to achieve mutual benefit and prosperity. Then we put the story:

Pataki The union of Oggun and Oshosi.

On this road Oggun, despite handling the machete well, always had his food far away, because when he saw a deer, he would quickly start cutting the weeds of the forest to reach it, but the noise and the time it took, his prey was gone, where he lamented that he could not hunt. Meanwhile Oshosi with his arrows, managed to kill the deer, but instead, could not go to catch it among the weeds of the mountain. Eshu told Oggun that there was another man more powerful than he, and this Eshu himself told Oshosi, causing an enmity between themselves, even though they did not know each other, and both of them were intrigued.

In that Oggun decided to go to see Orunmila, and this made him bear and ordered him to do ebo and Oshosi did the same. Both did the cleaning and went out to put it in a bush. Oggun put his ebo in the bush and went walking to where there was another bush and leaned on the trunk and when Oshosi came to leave the ebbo did not see Oggun who was sitting there and dropped his ebbo that was to fall on Oggun. This was the reason for a strong discussion between the two where Oggun was asking Oshosi for satisfaction. Once they were reconciled they both started talking about the bad situation, regretting both that having food they could not catch.

Then Oshosi saw a deer in the distance, took out his arrow and made him white, and at the same time he said to Oggun, you see that I can not catch him, and Oggun told him you really, and with his machete he opened a trillo and They both arrived at the side of the deer and ate it, and since then they were separated, so they united forever, making a pact in Orunmila’s house.

All this being said, it is clear because in December 2016, when he contemplated all the possibilities of this initiative, what could be achieved in the short, medium and long term, it was very evident to us that it would require the participation of several religious, committed to the fundamental values that gave life to our idea:

  • Rescue and preserve the values of the Osha and Ifa
  • Spread the cult of Osha and Ifa to all people hungry for information
  • Exposing scammers and charlatans who profit by the faith and ignorance of some people
  • Recognize the functions of each of the hierarchies in the rituals of Osha and Ifa

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