The Spiritual Comission

If each and every one of us have have a have a series of spirits that form our spiritual frame or spiritual vault Spiritual

When we have knowledge of all our Egguns, Spirits Of Light, of Our guide or spiritual guides and a good medium/spiritualist with vast knowledge and professionalism will help you to identify the spirits/guides that accompany you. The spiritist will help you to properly place you spiritual altar (Boveda.- It is important to understand the so-called “Commissions Spiritual “, something very important; That the set of spirits attached to us will be either religious, cultural, nationality, or professionals.

And within These Commissions we can highlight the following:

1.- Commission of the Blessed Sacrament: of great purity and elevation.
2.- SANTA CLARA Commission: They help to clarify and overcome obstacles.
3.- Divine Commission: Very high and powerful spirits.
4.- Triangle Commission: They are called for Control and spiritual strength.
5.- Scientific Commission: they are the ones who in life were researchers from all fields.
6.- Controlling Commission: They help to control negative actions.
7.- Marine Commission: They work at sea.
8.- Thought Commission: Clarify and Positive each thought.
Medical Commission: They were physicians or healers.
10.- Commission of JUAN BRUNO Sayas and JOSÉ GREGORIO HERNANDEZ: Physicians.


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11.- Relief Commission: Help overcome obstacles.
12.- Arab Commission: they are Arab With important political, religious and cultural tendencies.
13.- Commission Egyptian, CHINA, and Executive: Of these lands with tendencies to politics, advocacy, engineering, Religious, and Culturally important.
14.- Commission of monks and nuns: Catholic Religious of all orders.
15.- Gypsy Commission: They are gypsies
16.- Indian Commission: Indigenous of all the tribes of the planet.
17.- Commission of Auxiliary Saints: They are messengers of the “saints” of all beliefs.
Family Commission: They are known relatives or not.
19.- The Justice Commission: they are in moments of hardship.
20.- African Collecting Commission: with power and strength to fight and pick up Demons, Spirits Dark, and All kinds of negativity.
21.- Commission of the Seven (7) African powers: are African With strong religious tendencies in African beliefs.

Now, if we talk about the “hierarchy in the spiritual World”, first remember that all spirits, are a reflection of what they were in life. That means that death does not produce a change in essence, having all its shortcomings and virtues as in the past. In the transit of Material life to the spiritual one does not acquire an immediate knowledge of how life develops in the other world. So, we have the spirits we deal with have the same degree of morality, intelligence, courage and desires that they possessed When they were meat. Within the world of spirits can differentiate a series of degrees, according to the degree of evolution that these entities have managed to reach throughout their walk…

In the third degree, more backward are the entities that have a predominance of matter over the spirit. They keep their instincts very alive and awake, their morality is at the service of evil and vice, being malicious and selfish.

In the second degree there are those who have the predominance of the spirit on the matter and their intentions are put towards acts of help, love, charity and protection, towards the people in the earthly plane.

In the first degree, there are spirits who have reached a degree of knowledge and evolution very high, maintaining a degree of kindness and total purity, although in some cultures can also be ruthless warriors in fair defense towards their protected.



 Jesus Mateo Galbañy Puertas 


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