Why do the spirits bother? by Jesús Mateo Galbañy Puertas

Usually the need to repair mistakes committed by someone who in life committed before death, and after death and as a spirit wants to manifest to repair damage done… feels sorry…

Normally the Spirit wants to connect, communicate to reassure the relative that he is well, pain free, that he feels alive. They may have some unfinished business, something pending, unresolved, or they may “want to apologize” to the survivor for the pain or suffering that you have caused in this life. “A Spirit CAN NOT ascend to the highest Realms of Heaven until his aura is not clean and has been forgiven by any of the people who have hurt in this World or have done Him any wrong. Sculpting like this through a medium can release the guilt that they have been holding in their auras. Afterwards they can continue or continue advancing in their own spiritual growth, or brighter Higher Vibrations. They also want to assure the beloved that there is and exists “Life behind Death” and that people can really start to live when they lose the fear of dying. The Spirit can give incredible samples and detail eviden They show that they are who they say they are and that they continue with Life in another existence, World, Plane or Spiritual Dimension.
The experiences in this sense are “quite intense.” It seems, for some reason, that some people perform acts that end up confusing the Spirits and although most take it in a lighthearted manner, at other times the confusion and bewilderment are very high. There may be many reasons for this, but it may occur in those entities that are unable to accept their own destiny and want to stay close to Earth. They do not feel dead, nor do they accept that position.
Fortunately, this situation lasts a short time, and soon the Spirit will seek the Light. He can see this “Light” that emanates from a circle of his Spiritual development and that will attract him. A Medium will be aware of that problem and will gently speak to you and understand your dilemma, with your help directing you to the “Light”, where you will find Beauty and there will be Family and Friends waiting to greet you and extend all your unconditional Love.
When the Spirit goes through the “Light”, where there is an overwhelming feeling of Beauty and Love, a great feeling of Relief reaches the Medium, possibly as a sign of Gratitude of the Spirit.
Many Mediums explain that these Spirits are on the Earth’s boundary because of a Violent Death, or because of an Obsessive Attachment on earthly or material possessions and other similar reasons as sentimental attachments of those they leave behind.
And now I would like to tell you, …


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When a person has a deep sorrow, a very great state of Affliction and Depression for the loss of a loved one is very difficult to contact a Spirit and hear messages, because the recently deceased is still alive, although in another plane of existence , and has not lost forever his contact with the living. A phrase that is usually heard, is: “Now I feel better and in Peace” which helps the person tremendously. We must understand that we can connect or communicate with them in any moment we want, because we have not been abandoned.
While the Medium is receiving messages from the Spirit, it is possible that the attendees may feel some of the things that the Spirit felt in Life, … For example, if he has suffered from a Cancer, being this the cause of Death, the attendants or the own Medium, may feel bad because of the drugs ingested for the treatment of his illness. When someone dies or died of a suicide, will try to die and the reasons for it that led to that. It can also be the case, in which people may feel some kind of remorse or despair because of their feelings towards the deceased … and this lack of affection causes that Spirit to be happy to have died, especially when they were young and never found the help and affection they needed. short Life that they lived has been enough for them to fulfill the Karma that they had accumulated in other Lives.
This is the World of the MEDIUMS. Some very amazing phenomena occur through this vehicle of interaction with the Spirits and the implications behind are even more phenomenal. If the intelligence of the Spirit does all that, this or that,
What else can you do? … If this is what you do through the directed use of your mind, what other uses may be available? If we have a body and a mind and are able to reach them, what else can we do once we know better the hidden mysteries of the mind? And when we reach those mysteries, will we have achieved the ” maturity “to use this knowledge wisely? …
These questions are directed to any type of Mediums. Throughout history human beings have managed to get the Spirits to us, most of the time to reveal some basic truth.
It is the same to use Hypnosis, Crystal Balls, or Tarot Cards, because the connection with the Spirits will be equally possible.

In my next PUBLICATION I will comment on the basis of the “SKILLS OF A MEDIUM AND HOW IT IS USED”, among other themes of the Wonderful World of Spirits …
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A humble servant.
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 Jesus Mateo Galbañy Puertas 


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