Maybe many people wonder! WHY DO THE MEDIUMS CHARGE? by Jesús Mateo Galbañy Puertas

Many people assume that because they are doing their Spiritual work or work, they should be Altruistic and not charge absolutely nothing

Now I ask! . . Why do people charge for their work or work? . . . .

Why do Psychologists and Psychiatrists earn so much money? . . This is a very common question, much harder when it comes to Mediums, or of any consecrated Religious who by an established Law must and has to COLLECT or RECEIVE a certain and marked number in Money. For many people suppose that because they are doing their work or Spiritual work, or another Consecrated of another nature, they should be Altruistic and Not charge absolutely Nothing!

Check the possibilities that any person would have to live without charging money for their work and their efforts and so they will understand immediately, and immediately! . . If a person is going to devote his life to being a Medium or Consecrated to any branch of Religion, this brings with it many hours of work, having a house to receive people, visits and other events. If you also offer a work schedule from 9 in the morning to 9 at night, not being able to devote to other issues, logically must charge for their work, regardless of being an established law. Unfortunately, the Invoices, Rent, Mortgage, Food, Candles, Tobacco, Flowers, etc. . . . . . . . . it is still obligatory to pay them, whether you are a medium, or whatever Religion, Plumber, Builder, whatever! . .

But yes, you must be careful with those who charge too much, and who take advantage of the anguish and vulnerability of the people who come to them.


The Mediums work with their GUIDING SPIRIT, who plays an important role in the process of “communication”. But each and every one of us has our own Guiding Spirit, who protects and helps us. Part of this protection is to ensure that the information given to a Medium is something that you want to disclose, although it can also be a deep problem that you would not normally be able to share with a stranger, but that you would ultimately like to discuss and resolve.

In order to have information that we consider “at a great distance”, we would probably need a link of the Spirit. The first link must be aware of the information and this is who should contact the other Spirit.


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This begins with a series of thoughts that are sent to the first Spirit, these thoughts are recognized by the other and finally they will reach that person we want and who must be previously warned of the process and the time.

In the World of Spirits, they are all connected Telepathically and this is a wonderful way of communication to provide help and work together. Personality also exists in the Spirits, but what “predominates” is

a deep understanding and feeling of union.

It is also worth noting that you have to “BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT SPIRIT YOU SPEAK”! . .

I recommend not to speak “without” previous experience with the Spirits. Do not go into your room by blindly making a call or invocation to any Spirit. There are many naughty entities that like to make mischief with unsuspecting humans. Be very specific when calling your relatives or other known people who have died.

In this terrain of space-time, we have thought and freedom. It is the greatest gift that GOD has given us, along with taking experiences. Since we have freedom of thought, it is logical that entities that are outside our dimension can not come unless invited. So that everything goes well in your private sphere and you achieve a correct connection with a Spirit, you must be very specific and try to find what is called “GOOD SPIRITS OR SPIRITS OF LIGHT”.

Good professionals only do their sessions in a protected and sacred space. It is very important to first of all invoke the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Virgin Mary, of our Guardian Angel, of our Spiritual Guide, of all our Spirits of Light, as well as of our Ancestors who have loved the most.


as well as I will also comment to you:

WHAT ARE THE DISTURBED SPIRITS? . . and many other things more of the Wonderful World or Spiritual Theme.

My Thanks to iworos. com and its Founder and Director Jesús Verde Iré Oke in Osha.

A humble servant.





 Jesus Mateo Galbañy Puertas 


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