What should we do when we are negatively charged?

When we perceive that we do not advance, our projects are stagnant, we do not leave one evil to enter another, in short everything is going badly. We can think of being “Negatively Loaded”

Many times, we go before a Religious Consecrated or before a determined Medium-Spiritualist, either recommended by someone close to us who knows us and wishes to help us, as well as being a known one of us who Professionally works this Faculty or Consecration, in search of hope or solution to your problems.

We perceive that we do not advance, our projects are stagnant, we do not leave one evil to enter another, in short, everything goes wrong. We can think of being “Negatively Charged”.

The Negative Charges circulate everywhere, whether it is a place, a certain space, a house, or someone with whom we have an excessive attachment. Saying Negative Charge, is also to say backward spirits, which as I said may exist anywhere and stick to us for different reasons, among them may also be the product of some sending, of some person of bad feelings, envy, jealousy, hatred or for the simple fact of enjoying doing Evil to others.

Faced with this situation, the affected person desperately seeks that help, and that is when a Consultation or Registration must first be carried out by a Consecrated Religious, as well as by a Spiritualist-Medium who will be able to determine the root and cause of that problem or difficulty. It is when due to the magnitude of the problem, it can be solved with simple cleansing baths, or other works that are not of great importance or laborious, as well as they can be stronger, of many more things, depending on how each person works or works, in order to eradicate this difficulty and solve this problem satisfactorily.


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Although it is also worth noting that many times, we are the ones who attract those forces or energies or dark and backward entities, for working badly with others and for our own being or internal self, that is pleased and nourished by envy, spite, Hate, Hypocrisy, attracting those Spiritual Beings of Inferior Vibrations to our environment, very similar to the conditions that characterize or possess them as Spirits and it is then why they wonder they feel this way or find themselves in such a way.

As also, many people come before a certain Consecrated, Medium-Spiritualist or anyone to perform these tasks and after advising or telling them what to do, doing things wrong or half begin to deal with others, without imagining that instability and change-change as we used to say in my country, far from being able to emerge victorious and move forward, we immerse ourselves even more in the mud.

As it should be known, we do not all have the same scope, Clairvoyance, as we do not have all of our developed Facultative Skills to see in depth what a certain person has or has and we should not feel bad for this, knowing that each which with its Ability or Faculty always doing Good may receive Good from all and in essence be Blessed by GOD.

In short: Being Charged Negatively, not only You, any human being in this Physical or Material World may be. Yes first of all find the right person and afin to eradicate that situation or problem in which you are, do everything right as indicated and finish or conclude what for your own good you are advised to do, without mixing what was today said here and tomorrow with another one over there … Remember that your Obedience, Discipline and Responsibility for your own good is the fundamental thing, comparing yourself with the Doctor: Treatment that begins must be finished to cure the disease.

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