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Did you know
  • To greet an iyawo, touch your heart with your right hand and say SANTO!
  • During the year of iyaworaje the santeros are called iyawo, never by their name!
  • Santeros spend a year dressed in white (iyaworaje)
  • If you have hand of Orula, when you are in the presence of a Babalawo you should say hello to Orula
  • The Orishas (saints) do not come down in séances
  • The Babalaos never consecrate Eleggua de Ota (Stone)
  • The Orishas (saints) only speak for the snails and the coconut
  • The Babalawos do not impose Osha necklaces! Only the Santeros
  • The Eleggua consecrated by santeros is a STONE! Never Cement
  • There is no spiritual Eleggua! It is a scam
  • Only the babalawos consecrate warriors!
  • If you drink liquor do not use your necklaces. Respect them! is a portal that shares spiritualism, osha and ifa information for believers, initiates, santeros and babalawos - Radio - Downloads - Books

In our spiritual work as beings of light that we are each and every one of us, it is of the utmost importance to purify, cleanse and purify our body in order to attract positive fluids that help us and assist us at all times

This in turn away from our environment negative energies that may come to disturb and even hinder our work.

An excellent way to magnetize our body to achieve a more effective connection with our protective guides and superior teachers is undoubtedly the spiritual baths; The preparation of these powerful purifiers carries with it an energetic ritual that is what gives spirituality to all the elements and natural and esoteric ingredients that converge in it.

I also want to highlight some powerful concoctions are excellent to cleanse our body material when we have received some curse or witchcraft by someone or enemy of our environment, noting also that not only have earthly enemies but also spiritual, dark spirits are looking for one or another reason to harm us, to disturb us and even in some cases get sick just for pleasure or pleasure.

There are different bathrooms that we can make with completely different purposes and benefits.



There are baths for energetic flowering, baths of attraction, of love, economic evolution, luck, even baths that are marked by our spirits to solve a situation that affects us negatively. We could also say that the flushing toilets are powerful ebbo that many times our same Orishas can get to mark in a register or being incarnated in one of their children. (The consecration in Osha is not necessary to perform these spiritual rituals).

“(Osun ala Erinle)”

 Obba La She ::.. Nerly Yojanna 



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