Spirits attached or stuck to our body, sensations and behavior

These sensations and behaviors can be produced by the presence of Spirits Adheridos or Stuck to our Physical Body, something that many people still do not achieve or want to understand

Many people, from always and Today they come before a Medium, Spiritualist, Psychic or Religious Consecrated … in search of help or some explanation, in situations of strange behaviors, unusual reactions and anomalies in different places or schedules of the day or night.

You feel that you lack energy, less ability to focus on things, wanting to be constantly isolated from others, always alone. You sleep much more than you used to sleep before, feeling that day by day you are losing a part of yourself. In such a situation and as is logical and normal, any human being, would go to the Doctor, who would diagnose a severe condition. Depression.

With the passing days … and the apparently disease situation without any improvement, or medicines that make everything better or definitely disappear … You could have a Sticky or Sticking to your Body Spirit deteriorating and disabling all your Physical and Mental Organism.

Experts and Professionals in Themes on Spirits, assure that the Lost Souls that have chosen and decide to remain in our Physical or Material World, need Energy to Survive, which and many of these Spiritual Entities can take advantage of Energies even of the electronic devices and sources electromagnetic natural.But other Entities or Spirits, take advantage of the energy and cling to the living, to human beings, happening this when we find ourselves in certain complicated moments, situations of afflictions, sorrows, helplessness, etc … of our Lives, which is when our defenses are low.

In the mildest cases, those Beings of the Beyond, using this energy that they are absorbing us, come to cause us irreparable damage in our Lives, but in the worst cases they could have even the Control of their Victims, both for the day as at night.


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The Mediums, Spiritualists, must be well aware of these phenomena or abnormal events called SPIRITUAL ATTACK, which is no more, than the Spiritual Entities clinging after Death to the World of the Living that can Adhere to a certain Body Live during a period of indeterminate time, so it is left to see by the increase of strange behaviors that is presenting a person or more as a person, changing their way of being, their behavior in a way and rare and completely. This occurs when a Spirit coexists with the Energy of a person or Entity already deceased. Although it is worth noting that there is a great difference between these Spirits and other Spirits of Vibrations or Spiritual Spheres higher and lighter than without causing us any harm, they attach themselves to living beings to help them, offering them an inexplicable talent for Music, Painting, Writing , the Arts, etc … Already in that case, totally different we would be before the presence of Guiding Spirits and other beings of Light that on another occasion I will be more specific.

However, the attached Spirits attached to our World, in most cases can become the worst of nightmares, and can damage our health both physical and mental.

There are many reasons why these Spiritual attachments can be produced, because there are usually many Spirits who try to seek consolation, trying to relive some of the Physical aspects of their Life when they animated Flesh or was a Physical Body, others They are confused and do not realize they are dead, so they do not accept death and move to the new world that corresponds to them, wanting to be close to a living person. In these cases, they simply try to be in contact with the living in search of help without doing any harm to the person who has joined or joined.

Other Spirits do deliberately seek the Energy of Living Beings, being able to have names, but basically they are nourished by the Energy emitted by the people of the Physical World. These Spiritual Entities are known as Astral Parasites, stealing enormous resources from a living person and draining all their Energy.

Spiritual Adhesions are more prone in Mediums, Spiritualists or Psychics, because they are more exposed to these phenomena, because they are channels to other dimensions, as well as the so-called Ouija Games that are Portals that allow entry to certain Entities with the sole purpose of causing irreparable damage to all its victims without knowing the purpose of using these types of communications and Spiritual invocations with due use and respect, as well as without knowing and having knowledge before a Spiritual Vault.

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