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Did you know
  • To greet an iyawo, touch your heart with your right hand and say SANTO!
  • During the year of iyaworaje the santeros are called iyawo, never by their name!
  • Santeros spend a year dressed in white (iyaworaje)
  • If you have hand of Orula, when you are in the presence of a Babalawo you should say hello to Orula
  • The Orishas (saints) do not come down in séances
  • The Babalaos never consecrate Eleggua de Ota (Stone)
  • The Orishas (saints) only speak for the snails and the coconut
  • The Babalawos do not impose Osha necklaces! Only the Santeros
  • The Eleggua consecrated by santeros is a STONE! Never Cement
  • There is no spiritual Eleggua! It is a scam
  • Only the babalawos consecrate warriors!
  • If you drink liquor do not use your necklaces. Respect them! is a portal that shares spiritualism, osha and ifa information for believers, initiates, santeros and babalawos - Radio - Downloads - Books

The spiritual vault is a fundamental tool for every spiritualist or santero, that is why I share some recommendations for its proper maintenance

Some basic recommendations and procedures that must be observed to properly maintain the vault.

  • The physical space destined for the spiritual vault must always remain clean.
  • The white cloth (cloth) will not be allowed to remain stained, ash residues, candle sperm residues, etc. It is important that you always stay clean.
  • Wilted flowers will always be removed, unless it is necessary for them to be there during that process, because of some evolution or spiritual work that is brewing
  • The flowers will be kept with fresh and clean water.
  • On the surface of the spiritual vault will not be placed any object outside of what that spiritual vault means and represents.
  • In the physical space where the spiritual vault is located, will not be allowed: Curses. Obscenities Physical violence Verbal violence Sexual intimacy Naked people.
  • The aforementioned faults are considered profanations, and direct and immediate causes of osgobus or adversity propitiated by the deities, the spirit of the ancestors.



  • Each new day, the vault must be greeted by the devotee or devotee of the deities. The way of greeting the spiritual vault, is individual and is defined and rooted, with the continuity of the communicative relationship with the spiritual vault. To greet the spiritual vault, a white candle will always light up. The spiritual vault should not be greeted immediately after lighting the candle. After the candle is lit, one minute is expected. Then proceed to greet the spiritual vault.
  • After greeting the spiritual vault, we wait approximately one minute, and the candle goes out, unless we have the purpose, for whatever reason, to continue with the illuminated spiritual vault.
  • The candle that was lit to greet the spiritual vault and that went out, can be reused the next time the spiritual vault is greeted, on the next day, or on the same day, until it is totally consumed.
  • The candle used, or the last candle used in a Spiritual Mass in which more than one candle was used, will be discarded at the conclusion of that spiritual Mass, together with the remains of previous candles that may have remained.
  • If a spiritual mass is celebrated, which requires to be continued with another spiritual mass to investigate or deal with certain aspects, I mean, if a series of two or more spiritual masses are made that are related to each other for common purposes, the next spiritual mass will be initiated, with the last candle that was used in the immediate previous spiritual mass, even though on that occasion it was consumed for the most part.
  • During the celebration of a spiritual mass, the candle that illuminates the spiritual vault will not be allowed to be totally consumed and extinguished. The light must be renewed in a new candle, before the light is extinguished in the candle that is being consumed.
  • When a new candle is lit to replace the candle that is already extinguishing, do not put the new candle lit, on top of the candle residue still lit to finish extinguishing them. It will not suffocate the candle whose light is extinguishing, but it will be allowed to extinguish naturally.
  • The new candle is placed on a small white plate, occupying the central place occupied by the previous candle, and the latter is kept to the side, until its light extinguishes, after which it is definitively removed from the spiritual vault.


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