Why should I work hard at my Elders house?

Wrongly, many newly consecrated think that working in the home of their elders causes them harm

Oggunda Meji and The Master
Where the Godfather or Godmother teaches or is a teacher, he makes his godchildren work hard, make the sacrifices, then deliver their pieces and once the work is finished, he is presented to the Godfather or Godmother to give him the blessing, and see that everything is well done. This must be done for the good of the godson himself because tomorrow the godson will be godfather or godmother as well and he will have to know everything he needs to work well, help the world and be able to teach new generations. So I tell you also based on my personal experience because I was also Iyawo, and we are all eternal disciples, as long as your elders are planted to do any initiation , go, participate, give your best, not only for the honor of your religious house, but for yourself, the books and treatises are good, but nothing is comparable with the practical teachings of the hand of your elders. Oshun bless you all.

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