What does the ITA represent at the hands of Orula?

Hello to all my dear readers. Today I present a material that touches the lives of many people, especially the Aleyos, who are initiated into the Yoruba religion

Now days the Orula´s hand is sold as a pair of shoes, like go into the store or market and buy something. Unfortunately there are many people who don´t know the great importance of what it mean to receive the deities such as Eshu, Oggun, Oshosi, Ozun and Orula but, what about the Ita? What represents that ceremony for our life and how to understand it?
What is an Ita? The Ita is an agenda, notebook or book of life.

Why is a book of life? Because the message is written down on paper, the advice that the Orisha gives us when we do this type of ceremony is on that book of life, the Ita is the channel that we obtain for that communication with the Orisha through the sign that defines us, alerts us, shows us that truth or path that we decided to start in first plce.

Ogbe Di says that the man goes through a spiritual transition before he is born, he kneels down in front of Olofi´s feet to pray for a destiny to fulfill on this earth when we born. We all come to this world to comply a destiny and it´s through the Ita of Orula´s hand that we finally know the why of our life.

In that moment is when Ifa tells us if we are in Ire or in Osogbo.
The person that have an Ita of Orula´s hand in Ire is satisfying  that destiny that came to comply in this world, and it gives to  that person the advices and Ebboses to keep that syntony. If someone´s in Osogbo it means the person haven´t yet closed that cycle or karma and that´s why keep stumbling over obstacles that don´t allow to move forward.
That´s why the Ebboses exist in this Ita and the guide that Orula tell us about the Orishas that must receive to leave behind all these karmas and harmony arrives into the Aleyo´s life to keep everything in balance.

There´s a problem now days and the problem is there are too many, hundreds or thousands of Babalawos around the world in everywhere where our religion is deployed and many of them don´t give the importance to this Ita.


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If they sell us the idea of the main initiation that a person should do to belong to this religion is to receive the Orula´s hand, it should be taken with greater commitment because THE WORD SAYS INITIATION, it means the beginning of knowledge and I´m telling you it´s a bad start if they initiate someone and they don´t explain the Ita that Ifa is speaking.

There are hundreds of cases where a person maybe has 3 years with Orula´s hand and they don´t know their sign. There are cases when people receive Orula´s hand and they are doing very bad and wonder why this is happening.

We are simply moving an astrality as big as the destiny of a person and it´s very important to make the Ebboses that mark the Ita to go cleaning the life of the Aleyo.  Orula shows the truth, tells the truth of life and destiny and if it comes in negative aspect, as soon as possible, to change and give a turn to this situation the Aleyo have to clean. How it´s cleaned this negative aspect? Through the Ebbo, the Ebbo of your sign and what marks Orula.

What we must do to improve this situation?

We must know that we touch the Ifa´s door to seek a truth and we have to accept this truth.

You have to serch very well who makes this important ceremony for your life and please avoid tricksters and investigate and know as many options of Babalawos as you can and find one with religious and human commitment.
Before giving the famous Derecho (payment), you have to communicate clearly and precisely with the Padrino (godfather) and ensure their commitment to explaining the Ita and expand it. My recommendation is that you have to be looking for a formation from your Padrino.
As Apetebbi is my responsibility to clarify all these doubts because the moral commitment that binds me to Ifa and the love and respect makes me do it for what all the religious have to do and it´s to to avoid bad practices, the neglect of the Padrinos responsibilities and not to allow our future generations go into a market or a shoe store to buy Ifa.

Ashe for all.
Sincerily: OSHUN KOIDDE.



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