Characteristics of the Yoruba Religion

We delve into this topic so that you who seek to immerse yourself in this knowledge will arrive in a concrete and secure way to a healthy formation

This article is based on a research work, which takes us every day to become more passionate about our religion today. I show the Yoruba religion analyzed in characteristics that define it and help us every day to know it and interpret its essence.


It is Monotheistic:

Recognize the existence of a single almighty god considered the great architect of the universe known under the name of OLODUMARE (olorun). I believe the visible and spiritual world after creation ascends leaving divinities (orishas) to human beings so that they will act as intermediaries between living beings and him.

It is not Proselytizing:

It is not a religion that controls people to believe in it.

Proselitism is not part of our Belief we do not extend the belief to other people. They are the same people who look for a religious guide, priest, or priestess who manage the sacred oracles where they get advice a guide and thus embrace religion.


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It’s Animist:

Because it gives faith and guarantee to people that stones, rivers, trees, have their own energy energy created by the only god olodumare creator and architect.


It is philosophical:

Because it instructs and orients man with the laws of ifa since he searches through his oracles for the philosophical interpretation of life.


It is progressive:

Teach values ​​and human solidarity has as an object the search for truth within its ceremonies, discarding fanaticism.

In an easy and simple way, every day we delve into this topic so that you who seek to immerse yourself in this knowledge will arrive in a concrete and safe way to a healthy formation.


Ashe for all

Atte Oshun koidde.



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