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One of the rules during the year of iyaworaje is to wear everything white: from your bedsheets all the way to your socks and underwear

At the beginning, I thought it was a bit excessive. I did not understand why so much white for a whole year. All I could think of was how dirty my clothes would get and how quickly I would have to change to be spotless. Time went by and little by little, ceremony after another, I began to understand.

I was told that Obatala is the owner of all the heads and in his honor, we have to dress in white as a sign of purity. In Regla de Osha, white represents that we are purifying ourselves from all the bad situations we could have faced throughout our lives. As a matter of fact, I have in ita that I must regularly wear white clothes. I am forbidden to wear black since it is a color that tends to absorb osobo.



For example, people ask what do to when you go to their first reading with a Babalawo or oba. I tell them to wear white clothes and always be properly covered. Wearing white is good for us because it improves our aura. I must say that on any tambor, you always dress in white. I find very disrespectful to see people dress in other colors. Do you think is strict? Yes, because you are being respectful to the Orishas.

If you are serious about this religion, you should put in your head that you must wean off the black clothes. Black is sometimes ordered when you have to do a specific ebbo. If it’s not mandated, then try to wear as much as white possible (yes ladies, no black!). Now, some people think that santero clothes are not cute, or that they look funny. However, I encourage to go on a shopping adventure and try to spot white clothes that are trendy and white. It was something really hard for me to do at the beginning, but now I feel like a pro. May the Orishas bless you now and always!



 Omi Ewin 



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