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  • To greet an iyawo, touch your heart with your right hand and say SANTO!
  • During the year of iyaworaje the santeros are called iyawo, never by their name!
  • Santeros spend a year dressed in white (iyaworaje)
  • If you have hand of Orula, when you are in the presence of a Babalawo you should say hello to Orula
  • The Orishas (saints) do not come down in séances
  • The Babalaos never consecrate Eleggua de Ota (Stone)
  • The Orishas (saints) only speak for the snails and the coconut
  • The Babalawos do not impose Osha necklaces! Only the Santeros
  • The Eleggua consecrated by santeros is a STONE! Never Cement
  • There is no spiritual Eleggua! It is a scam
  • Only the babalawos consecrate warriors!
  • If you drink liquor do not use your necklaces. Respect them! is a portal that shares spiritualism, osha and ifa information for believers, initiates, santeros and babalawos - Radio - Downloads - Books

The owner of the okra is Shango and Orishaoko. Who better than Kabo Kabiesilé Shango Alufina, to ‘clean us up today

Abures, today I recommend this bathroom to purify, I’m sure many will say “Bathe me with that? Not dead! Bathe with okra so that everything slips. The okra has the power and property to remove the evil eye, envy and even break a curse, witchcraft or dark magic work.




  • About two dozen fresh okra
  • A container (a bucket / bucket of 10 liters, for example)
  • Water
  • A sieve or colander
  • Cascarilla
  • Two white candles

Start by manually breaking the okra pods with your hands in the water. Once broken into small pieces, take a few pieces between your hands and squeeze them as much as you can. Add more water and continue to squeeze and squeeze the juice from the okra. Let the liquid sit for half an hour.
And then strain it with a sieve, add a shell present it to Shango with the two white candles and ask for development and that it is he who will cleanse you of any osogbo, Tilla tilla, Arayé, Ofó, Aro, iku. After these candles are finished, he proceeds to give you a bath. Drain well do not dry out and wear white clothes.
Note: You can repeat this bath according to the need you have to remove all negative energy that surrounds you.

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