Ifa says that curiosity is very dangerous, but in the digital age it is much more dangerous

We live in a time that abounds with information, but turning to the Internet to clarify a doubt about your deities is as dangerous as using the web for self-medication

Recently the iworos.com group joins an initiate who comes asking something specific about an eshu he had received, when I ask him where he got that information from, the person passes me a publication of an ifa book that was available on the Internet . My recommendation for that person was the same as always, if you have any questions ask the elder who gave it to you and if you do not trust that religious, ask another, never never, use the Internet as the first source of consultation.

But let’s make a parenthesis here and read what Ifa says in Iwori Otura:

Path of the Curious.
In this oddun agbani he was very curious and investigative and his enemies prepared a trap for him on the way; When he passed by, he heard a whistle from a cricket and began to look for where it was coming from and without realizing it he put a leg in the trap and it was stuck. and curiously his enemies took him. Do not be curious … To Iban Eshu


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And that is not the only case where Ifa, tells us that curiosity can bring more harm than good, in Ogundashe, we get with this other apataki:

On this road, there was an awo who was a hunter and was very poor, because the hunt was barely enough for him to eat, to the point that the clothes broke on his body.

Already desperate went to the mountain to implore Olofin, being making the imploring Olofin appeared and gave him a secret that he always went to the mountain to hunt and succeed.

From that day on, he began to hunt with great luck, as there was a lot of abundance in the house, but what was the astonishment of the woman and her curiosity, that she always saw the animals that her husband hunted without a head, so This struck her powerfully, and she was intrigued by the curiosity in knowing what her husband was doing with his heads.

One day she took it and filled her backpack with ash and made a hole, and when he went hunting, along the way he was watering the ashes and the woman followed the trail, and came near where he was and observed everything his husband did with the animal that I even hunted with the head.

At the end of the operation, Olofin was introduced to him, asking him who he had come with, if until then he had always come alone to the mountain.

The astonished hunter man replied:

That he had come alone, completely alone.

And Olofin answered and that woman; When she was discovered, she went out and addressed her husband and asked Olofin for forgiveness and confessed her curiosity, which had only brought him to this place.

And then Olofin, as punishment told him:

If your curiosity was to see blood, from today you will see it every month for your parts.

And since then women have the period.

As punishment of olofin. To Iban Eshu

As they see being curious in life is not always recommended, do not interpret this comment as we must be submissive or conformist, but we must always rely on reliable sources and unfortunately the Internet is not. If you have a question, look for a religious major, or two or three or as many as you need to satisfy your distrust, but never believe what you read on the Internet and if in a paragraph mention the ingredients or content of a deity specific, you are reading something that you should definitely not read and that is usually false.

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