Who is Yemaya? Orisha that lives in the sea, she is considered the mother of the world

Yemaya means Mother of Water, “The Mother Whose Children Are the Fish”

In traditional Yoruba culture and all over the world and spirituality, Yemaya is a mother spirit; patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women; She is the patron deity of the Ogun river but she is also worshiped at streams, creeks, springs in addition to wells and run-offs. This represents the vastness of her motherhood, her fecundity, and her reign over all living things. In West Africa, Yemaya is worshiped as a high-ranking river deity, but in Brazil and Cuba she is worshiped mainly as a sea/ocean goddess. While Olókun is considered a sea deity, especially when we talk about the secrets of the deep sea, Yemaya is present in beaches and shallow waters. Yemaya is often portrayed as a mermaid, even in West Africa, and she can visit all other bodies of water, including lakes, lagoons.

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Yemaya is motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all her children, comforting them and cleansing them of sorrow. She is said to be able to cure infertility in women, and cowrie shells represent her wealth. She is often depicted as a mermaid, and is associated with the moon, water, and feminine mysteries. She is the protector of women and is involved in childbirth, conception, parenting, child safety, love, and healing. She oversees deep secrets, ancient wisdom, the moon, sea shells, and the collective unconscious. According to Yoruba myths, when her waters broke, it caused a great flood creating the water bodies of the earth and the first human beings were created from her womb.

She wears a dress with seven skirts that represent the seven seas. Her animals are the peacock, with their beautiful blue-green iridescence, and ducks. She talks in the diloggun readings with the number 7, which represents the seven seas.


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