Elenini: The Yoruba deity of Misfortune, learn how to take it away from your life

With this article, we do not seek to incite the fear of the religious community we touch this point, because they are energies that we do not know exist

These are entities that we can control with the ebbo or cleanliness and with the knowledge of it, of the duty to be or what to do we can have, a better life, channeling the energies, the entities that surround us and that with the help of the study and deepening of this type of issues we advance, and we prevent but most of all we are aware of our astrality and how to work towards it to become advanced, progressive and with a positive energy in projection.

Many times we underestimate, the lower energies and just say everything I can in God, Olofi protects me, my guardian angel, I do good etc … We must not forget that if these energies exist, within the religion yoruba is ELENINI who is the guardian of the inner chamber of the divine palace of olodumare, where we all go knee-high guided by our guardian angel to ask what we want for the future permanence on earth, once we have made the arrangements of our departure.

I relate this to the pataki who lived IWORE OGBE:

When iwory ogbe departed from heaven to earth he made a wish, he wanted to change the appearance of the earth by eliminating all the evil and vicious elements.
in order to be able to fulfill his task he requested olodumare a special power over life and death. Olodumare replied that his wish was granted.

Armed with this power, he quickly began his journey to earth, his guardian angel reminded him to guarantee his wishes with elenini and the most powerful divinities, but he replied that there was no greater force than that of olodumare and since he had obtained divine permission he saw no justification to appeal to a lower authority.

As soon as he left the divine palace, Elenini took on the wishes of Iwory Ogbe. When he arrived on earth, he discovered that, contrary to his wishes, he had serious difficulties. When he prayed that people would live, they would die and they would die. Of course this disappointed him a lot because nobody dared to go to him for divination or help; since those who did paid dearly for that. After going hungry and frustrated for some time, decided to return to heaven. Upon arrival he went to his guardian angel, who reminded him of the advice given before his departure. At that time, Iwory Ogbe agreed to go for divination; Then he was entrusted to sacrifice with many dishes to Elenini and the oldest divinities. He made the sacrifice and returned to earth, where he led a more fruitful and satisfying life.


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Born in IROSO MELLI since iroso melli was a oddun who went down to earth without permission and was persecuted by eleleni, when iroso melli went up to heaven to ask and beg to be granted permission to go down to earth and when irous melli tries to escape elenini with his claws, try to catch him but eshu distracts him and only makes a endija in the back for it is that we all have a endija or ripple in the center of the back, there falls iroso melli in a dream that lasts nine months, that’s where it was born that we all came to fulfill a function on earth and that we spent nine months deeply asleep in the mother’s womb, without remembering and forgetting that we came to fulfill.

The ebbo that is made must be done by an awo or orunmila, since it is fed to the slit on the back of those who have iroso melli, a goat to eshu, turtle among other animals, and the purely ifa ceremony that they only manage the oluos, this ebbo is super important for all that person that is seen in a this oddun ita, since there would be changing the astrality of the sign giving food to misfortune, so that life is more positive, there are not as many bars , obstacles, misfortunes, and take a completely clean path to focus on seeing our goals achieved in a just time.

are recommendations to find your elders or a guide that really deepens your signs, look for the ebbo to solve situations, not only need greater than just bondan, we need greater that give us the true knowledge and depth of odduns that give us the orishas, ​​because if our saints communicate, through odduns, we must deepen to know what our orishas recommend, and what is really the ebbo that can save us.

This article has the collaboration of awo ni orunmila OSHEGBELI




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