The rules should follow godchildren and godparents in the Regla de Osha

The relationships between godchildren and godparents are in some cases problematic, which is why I found it important to share these little precepts to seek to maintain lasting and prosperous relationships between the members of a house in Osha.

To the elderly, especially the Godmothers and Godparents, it is good to remind them that:

  1. Your godson, is not a toy, you opened your eyes to a path and as a small child should lead you, because what kind of father or mother leaves a small child helpless on the road? No matter how many times we urinate or defecate, we go and change the diaper.
  2. Do not initiate strangers, unless of course for reasons of force majeure. Always try to know who you are going to start. Do not do “favors”, generally they are much more expensive and we are not talking about money as insurance has already happened. Do we understand each other, right?
  3. Submit, if you have time for it, to your future godchild to small tests before the initiation that you are going to perform, a person who does not listen to you or has an erratic behavior is better to discover it before then.
  4. DO NOT ASSUME that you can do the ceremony to this or that, ask your saints, remember that the more knowledge we acquire the more pretentious we become, be humble in your decisions.
  5. Do not accept a future godson who offers you money in exchange for being initiated but who refuses to commit to you, because in the long run as you know, you are responsible for what you have done with him, at least in the beginning.
  6. Obviously you have more knowledge than your godson but that does not make you a dictator who can order as a military officer a soldier, remember that our religion is civil, words like “please”, “thank you” and others that we sometimes forget, are vital in the relationship.
  7. Discuss the future initiate, explain what the ceremony represents for your life, the responsibility of choosing a sponsor, reach an agreement.
  8. Do not try to cover more than you can attend, we can not all, nor do we think we should do 100 initiations, nor will you be better religious because of it.
  9. Start who really deserves it for the commitment that shows with religion and with you, do not take into account your money or if you are a public figure or personality of reputation, remember that osha-ifá is not hollywood.
  10. Do not seek fame, try to do things well and seek the best for your religious family, the reputation if you deserve it will come with time, with work and with the blessing of your oshas and orishas.


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For their part, the godchildren are suggested that:

  1. Do not look for a person who starts you because they know more than others, because they have more money or for reasons unrelated to the relationship you will hold with whom you select.
  2. Keep in mind that your godfather / godmother NOT ONLY you will see them during the ceremonies, the ties that are established are for life.
  3. Meet the people who will initiate you, share with them days or weeks before the ceremony, invite them to go out with you, look for depth in the social relationship BEFORE the ceremonies.
  4. Keep in mind that to “give coconut” to the saint of the godfather asking for his consent in case it is granted does not mean only that the saint gives permission to do the holy BUT that is endorsing that person as godfather / godmother with everything what that entails.
  5. Regardless of your personal inclinations NEVER accept a person against the indications of your saint, because it will lead you to personal ruin.
  6. Do not be in a hurry to select your godfather, only if it is an urgent ceremony and in that case you will have to compromise in the same way with them.
  7. DO NOT become holy with strangers simply because they have renown, a close person that you can relate to her is much more advisable for your religious path than a celebrity you will see once in your life.
  8. When selecting your sponsor / godmother keep in mind that from the religious point of view, the initiations, especially the saint one, imply that the initiate practically places his life in the hands of the godfather, so that the latter can save or disgrace his life , that’s not a gambling thing.
  9. If you can, meet your future religious family, the godchildren of the people you have selected as godfather, exchange opinions, ask for them, establish links that will be useful in your religious journey.
  10. Do not judge your future sponsor / godmother, try to help them in whatever they can they are imperfect human beings like everyone, but you placed your trust in them, learn to be consistent with your actions.


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