Small details that can make a big difference when giving eyebale (blood) to the Orishas

Some iworos, for the number of times they do it or simply for reluctance obviate details that are fundamental when giving eyebale to the orishas

We have already discussed in previous publications why animals are sacrificed in Osha and Ifa (you can read it by clicking here), so today I am going to focus on some particularities that I have observed in some houses which, in my humble opinion, do not They seem correct.

In the Osha Rule everything has a why and when we ignore details, things do not have all the effect that is required, that is why I consider it important to highlight some small details, that by the constant routine, especially in very active houses with many godchildren, they are left aside.

  • Refresh before the sacrifice: It is highly recommended (although not restrictive) to have a little omiero on hand to activate the Orisha before eating. As it was done at the time of his birth. Therefore it is very useful to have there always omiero, which well sealed in the refrigerator can last for months without decomposing.
  • Give knowledge and participate to the Eggun of the sacrifice: This is a custom that has been lost both in houses of Osha and in the houses of Ifa, gentlemen remember that Iku lobi Osha (the deceased precedes the saint) therefore it is in very bad taste , let go of the egguns by feeding an Orisha without giving at least one eggun chicken so that the protective spirits of the person who is about to make the sacrifice, have knowledge of what is going to be done. I take this point to highlight the importance of the santero having his Orun or his Eggun tile so that he can sacrifice in honor of his ancestors.


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  • Give the scoop to Eleggua: By mandate of Olofin in the land Eleggua as always first, but in some houses, they forget the little giant of the Osha and leave it with their mouths water when they see that others eat and the … serious mistake! Nobody more specialized to make that sacrifice does not get anywhere that our beloved Eleggua, so to be sure, whenever you go to feed a saint, add a chicken to Eleggua in the list of animals.
  • If you have the deity received, it is that deity that should receive the sacrifice: If you have received the deity before which the ebbo was set, and it is not an emergency, take the time to look for your deities so that they are Those who receive the sacrifice, it is not advisable (although it is valid) that it is the deity of another person (whether it is his godfather) that receives the eyebale.
  • Singing with devotion to the Orisha: Nothing awakens the Orishas more than the sincere singing, meaning, with pleasure, that is why the moment to sing to the orisha during the sacrifice is very important for the ebbo to work, put heart and effort so that the saint realizes that you want to get his attention, he wants to please him, he wants to render him moforibale.
  • Ask the way of the Ebbo: Recently I have seen a new habit that if Eleggua ate that chicken goes to the mountain, by way of example, that is a bad practice, since the fate of the ebbo, influences that the circle of the same Closes completely and has the expected effect.


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