The Santeria is called Regla de Osha and it is not by chance

At present there is a new generation of religious who intend to change the teachings of our ancestors, which directly attacks against the preservation of the religious liturgy

Our beloved religion is conformed by a set of parameters established by our ancestors which in most cases are based on a patakie. Unlike Ifa, the Osha has very few of its signs documented and remained as an oral tradition that went from major to minor, in the coronations of osha and other ceremonies where the elders met in the conversations filtered those small great details that define our religion.

Currently under the influence of Nigerians and their traditional osha and ifa, there is a new tendency to question and question the teachings of the ancestors, this modernism is extremely dangerous, many of the prohibitions that exist in the osha have their origin unclear, but we should not believe in the ability to ignore them.

That’s how we got Shango’s sons crowning Oshun and Yemaya’s sons by handing out necklaces to a son of Oya, to mention just a few. These shortcomings will eventually bring consequences for those involved.


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Another of the FASHIONS in some houses in Osha is not to give their place to Ifa, at this point I must make it clear that I have witnessed and had knowledge of the abuses of many awo and Orunmila that based on their position pretend to take advantage of or humiliate the santeros, that is a sad reality, but what must be done is to change babalawo, not to put aside Ifa.

My recommendation is that every santero who is active in the religion, who has his godchildren, should have contact with several babalawos, to contract the services that are available at the time of need.

Something similar happens with the Orihate, it is not recommended, always work with the same Orihate, in a house of saint, they must have several Obbas (orihateses) available so that the one who is available is the one who performs the ceremony.

The human being is capricious and is easily seduced by vanity and pride and these are the main reasons, why some religious today begin to BEND the rules with terrible consequences.

Every responsible santero, when he receives a new godson in his house, before imposing necklaces, handing over ota de eleggua or any other saint of addimu (olokun, orishaoko, etc.) must take him to a planta de mano de orula, so that his main sign and his guardian angel.

Doing this allows the santero to know the general rules of what he can and can not do with that godson, since both his guardian angel and his Orula hand sign, in most cases, are two constant values ​​in the whole life of the person.

Something similar happens with the ebboses, in my opinion it is very risky to mark an ebbo, if there is no prior consultation and a reference sign, it does not matter if it is by diloggun or by okpele, but doing an ebbo on a whim or because a so-and-so It was very good is very risky, especially if the person does not have a guardian angel, so do not self-medicate the ebboses, if you want to resolve a situation go to an iworo or a babalawo to be elegible or ifa determine the best way to solve your situation

 Ire Oke omo Obatala ::.. Jesús Verde 


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