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The mother of all the saints is known for her tenacity and perseverance, in this patakie, she does not mind giving her body to Orishaoko in order to achieve her goal

Reviewing the Holy Scriptures of Ifa, we find ourselves in Ogberoso with a story, where Yemaya offers her body to Orishaoko, to achieve something that for her was of the utmost importance, the story went like this:

Yemaya went to see Olofin to make Ifa to his son and Olofin told him that it could not be and Yemaya left very upset thinking about how to convince Olofin.

Knowing Yemaya that Orishaoko was the one who sold the ishus (yams) to Olofin and that he had the secret of how to plant them, he went to see him with the purpose of stealing this secret.

Then I figured out how to carry out his purposes and he presented Orishaoko naked and fell in love, but he ignored him.

So things Yemaya tried this again, not getting any results, but returned for the third time and Orishaoko was seduced, arriving Yemaya to learn the secret that Orishaoko had. After he obtained the secret, he went to his side, and began to sow ishu on his own, leaving the crops and fruits of it larger and more beautiful than those of Orishaoko.

Yemaya returned to see Olfin, to propose the most beautiful and best Ishus that she had planted, he proposed in exchange for this agreed to make Ifa his son, Olofin agreed to see that those Ishus were better compared to those who Orishaoko sowed.



This little story shows us the unconditional love that Yemaya feels for her children, reaching to deliver the most valuable thing that a woman has, which is her femininity as long as her son had a better future, when Olofin did Ifa. This is how great a Mother’s love is.

Nowadays there is a lot of men without shame that takes advantage of the needs of some women to submit them sexually, and they accept their sacrifice to benefit their children

 Ire Oke omo Obatala ::.. Jesús Verde 



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