The Collars of Osha (Elekes) and the correct confection according to the path of each Orisha

The correct preparation of the Osha necklaces according to the path of each Orisha is fundamental to guarantee the fulfillment of the lineage of each of the duly consecrated santeros

The first thing I want to make very clear is that the ritual of the Fundamental or Elekes Necklaces, belongs mainly to Santería or Regla de Osha, other spiritual currents (palo mayombe, espiritismo, among others) handle other procedures for its preparation and delivery.

Having said that, we can enter into the matter regarding the paths that the elekes must have according to the case and how the lineage of the elekes must be respected:

Case 1: Aleyo receives necklaces

When an aleyo receives necklaces, these should be made according to the way of the saints that the iworo (santero) has that is giving him the necklaces, for example, if the iworo that is doing his Obatala delivery is Obamoro, he should make it with 24 white beads , an ivory or nacre, a dwelling, an ivory or nacre and then repeat until you get the desired length.

Case 2: Iyawo receives necklaces

The case of the iyawo is similar to that of the aleyo, that is to say that the religious or religious who is being born, must receive the necklaces according to the path of the major who is giving birth to his saints, therefore, this new iworo, will carry the necklaces with the ways of the saints from whom he was born, even though his saints have their own way, the iworo will not wear the necklaces with the ways of his saints. However all his godsons of necklaces carry the ways of his saints.


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Case 3: Santero delivers necklaces

When a santero delivers necklaces, he can not make them equal to his necklaces, because as explained in Case 2, the santero carries the necklaces with the path of the saints from which he was born, therefore he must make his necklaces according to the path of the saints that he received when he was crowned osha.

With all these explanations it is clear why the osha necklaces should not be bought in a botanical or esoteric shop, since these should be made according to the ways of the saints that will give life to it. Now there are some artisans and botanists who make the necklaces according to the ways of the saints, with which if the rule is conserved and therefore it is valid.


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