Iyawo: Limitations and Frequently Asked Questions about this stage of the recently consecrated

The process of iyaworaje is a process where the human being goes through a transition of rebirth experienced during a year

The iyaworaje physically is marked from the beginning of the ceremony when it is written in an ita (book of life advice) the word boy or girl. Example today the girl …… is made Yoko Osha.

From that first manifesto in writing, is reflected to all people and is marked in the life of the iyawo who is a newborn, as he leaves behind his past life and becomes a child again or born and acquiring a new name , determined by the orishas, ​​since it was born in osha’s life, arriving at the conclusion that: Every birth implies limitations of a process of adaptation and personal evolution.

Within these limitations the iyawo has many and are always exposed to thousands of questions.

  • Why can not I look in the mirror?
  • Why can not I go out at night?
  • Why can not I go to the movies?
  • Why can not I drink alcoholic drinks?
  • Why should not I put on makeup?
  • Why can not I dance?

Iyawo must understand that your process of new life, as a human being is in the process of evolution, and that to reach a spiritual level we must separate ourselves from vanity, from the ego, from the material, from the vices, when we begin as people to detach ourselves from everything that has been intoxicating us for years, there comes a time where we are alone with what little we have as clothing, with our guardian angel, and with our own self, that is where we begin to mature spiritually, it is there iyawo when you evolve since nothing physical, nothing material, accompanies you and you are left alone with your emotions, joys, sadness, anger, anger, envy, resentment, patience, tolerance.


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And during this year you can pass very strong tests, because these face to face for the first time in your life with these emotions, which you have never encountered so close to you, is there iyawo where you begin to grow and take the reins of your life purifying your soul, taking the good and leaving the bad, where humility is born in you, where your patience is strengthened, because you already settle for being sheltered and you do not need night in the streets, because you are so I contact you that you can see your beauty without the need of having great make-up, because you value so much the time it gives you on the day that you enjoy every outing that you make.

In that moment you prepare yourself to grow within a spiritual world that you looked for that you needed, that your orisha is putting you in your hands.

If you are from iyawo, enjoy that it is the process that is experienced only once in life and not all of us are chosen to live this epic experience, and so enriching, where is the only stage and process of life where our conscience is at peace.




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