Aina – The deity of fire and life that reinforces Shango

Today we will delve into an important topic we will meet an orisha that belongs to the family of the Aima jimaguas

It is an Orisha pattern of children born with the umbilical cord around the neck. Pay homage to the birth. He is part of the seven ibejí and is dressed in red. It is associated with fire is the one that allows Shango to fire fire through his mouth when he speaks.

In what signs is born or is received:

Born in the sign Efu tonti eyeunle 10-8 in the diloggun, is where fire makes ebbo, and becomes one of the main elements for the development of the world, Aina comes to make the representative of the candle on earth.

In the oddun Iroso tonti Oshé 4-5, it is necessary to receive it and the one who has it, has to feed it is also received in eddibre or oddi tonti eyeunle 7-8, and in the sign eyilá tonti meyi 12-12, it is also receives but first the person is given the bath of eyilá and then the saint is given to him, it is a fundamental reinforcement for all the iworos without exception but especially to the children of shango.


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AINA is a reinforcement for shango. It has a very strong impact on their children when they reinforce their shango father.

Shango is the god of fire, he overcame many wars by releasing play by mouth, and AINA is the live fire go hand in hand Shango and Aina, it is of benefit to win all wars, major situations problems, it is also of benefit to pregnant women, because it represents the union and formation of the umbilical cord of the fetus. It is received with iroko which is the ceiba tree and also has history on the way to Shango.




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