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Eleggua is one of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, however its existence for its antics, which sometimes have brought severe consequences

He was the caretaker of the Olofin palace, but he was very trusting and when Olofin left, he sat on a throne to imitate him; the other orishas told olofin and he did not believe it.
Until one day Olofin gave a false exit and returned unexpectedly and surprised him sitting on the throne as the orishas had told him.



Olofin, because he was so daring, dismissed him as his assistant and condemned him to be the palace’s porter. Elegba was king, but because of his wickedness he lost his crown. That’s why I chose is the doorman of all the houses.
Shango aware of what happened to elect immediately went to ask for the position that he had, but Olofin did not give it to him and destined him to work with the candle and put it to Orunmila as his secretary.


 Ire Oke omo Obatala ::.. Jesús Verde 



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