Duties and Rights of Godsons and Godparents

These are just some of the rights and duties that must exist between godparents and godchildren

If we focus on the thousands that exist, we would never end. It is also important to note that there are duties and rights that must be fulfilled according to our religious house, in order to maintain a relationship of harmony, understanding and fraternity within it.

The godsons must:

✓ Fully comply with the requirements and guidelines that the Ocha-Ifá require.

✓ Maintain a good presence in dress, have good habits and treat affable and humble with others in their religious contacts.

✓ Be aware of having good relations with your sponsor in the respect and considerations that ethics and religious logic establishes.

✓ Communicate with time, the celebration of his coronation, offering the Angel of the Guard of his godfather or godmother: two coconuts, two candles and a right – if he has no economic possibilities, offer a symbolic right with his presence.

✓ Attend the celebrations and events that their sponsors carry out without the need of a prior invitation; among them the festive dates of coronation of the respective saints crowned by each one of them.

✓ Help and support their sponsors in cases of need of these. These grants involve consulting your sponsor in absence determining the work or works to be carried out and in the event that monetary expenses are required, act according to the circumstances and existing possibilities.

✓ Alert their sponsors of treasons and other threats that may hover over them, as well as communicate advice, teachings that other people can offer with apparent good faith.

✓ Receive only the relevant religious teachings offered by your sponsor, with the exception that this indicates another religious for their learning.

✓ In case of disagreements with the sponsor that are insurmountable, he must resort to his second sponsor the Oyugbon or Oyugbona so that the latter makes use of his responsibilities as such, due to disagreements and insurmountable disagreements.

✓ The godchild can be submitted to a DISCIPLINARY COUNCIL, only in cases of very serious issues, such as those already indicated in this document.

✓ Being Iyawo only make visits to other religious who do not belong to his family of saint accompanied by his Oyugbona in the case that he is simply santero and if he is babalawo with the consent – permission – of his godfather.

✓ Remind the godfather of the pending works for Ita, since by having other godchildren and by being aware of the multiple occupations of his priesthood, they can be forgotten by him.

✓ Being Iyawo strictly comply with the rules that frame Iyaworaje; among others, clothing and performances not in accordance with their status.


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Godparents must:

✓ Give the godson the saints he received at his coronation, including his snails and his Ita book, being a santero and babalawo his Ifa and the corresponding instructions on the matter.

✓ Ensure a normal religious development of their godson, avoiding as much as possible to interfere in very personal matters of the godson, in case it is necessary to do so, to have a respectful and discretional treatment of what is involved.

✓ Inculcate a teaching inspired by a strong religious unity within the family and with other related manifestations.

✓ Comply with the anniversary celebrations of the godson with his presence, in this commemoration, since he is the one who runs the responsibility of giving coconut to the saints of the godson or goddaughter.

✓ In case the Sponsor does not attend the anniversary of the godson, it will be his oyugbon or oyugbona who will give the saints coconut

✓ Show with an attitude worthy of a priest conditions of humility, devotion, economic disinterest, respect, consideration, sacrifice and help, as the example to follow by his godson.

✓ Help, help, assist the godchild in case of any illness, accident or other situation that may arise; carrying out the consultations and relevant works.

✓ Carry out the pending works indicated in the Ita, the godson in time and form.

✓ Proceed to make as much clarification and doubt as the godson has and, if it were the case, it would be impossible for the sponsor to satisfy the requirement to resort to higher instances that are capable of answering the existing questions.

✓ Treat all their godchildren equally with the same respect, esteem and considerations worthy of the priestly endowment that is held.

✓ Sponsors and godmothers should avoid falling with their godchildren and godchildren in passionate relationships.

✓ Maintain a communication based on respect. In order to avoid falling into misunderstandings.

✓ It is the duty of the sponsor to call attention to the godson if he is having behaviors that do not go according to religious ethics


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