Who is who the Yoruba Religion? Let’s put each Orisha in his place

There are 201 deities are those belonging to the Yoruba pantheon, but in America they only survive until today, approximately thirty Orishas given the characteristics of the ritual

Eleggua – Orisha dueño de los caminos Pequeño Gigante de la Osha
  • Who is Elegguá: He is the Orisha who has the keys of destiny. He is the owner of the roads and messenger of Olofí, has the privilege of being the first in everything.
Obatala – Orisha dueño de todas la cabezas
  • Who is Obatala: He is the King of all orishas. Personifies the creation of man. Owner of our feelings. Dreams and thoughts He is the only judge of religion his word is law.
Yemaya – Madre de todos los Orishas y dueña de las aguas
  • Who is Yemayá: Orisha reigns from the salty waters with the dominion of the surface of the seas. Considered the mother of all the Orishas.
Oya – Orisha de los vientos
  • Who is Oyá: Deity owner of the sparks, dominates the winds, owner of the market, accompanies the dead to the door of the cemetery.
Shango – Rey de la Religión Orisha del Trueno
  • Who is Shangó: Orisha of fire, thunderbolt, thunder, war, dancing and virile beauty. He has the power to know what the man speaks in secret. Represents human virtues and imperfections.
Oshun – Orisha de la miel, las riquezas y las aguas dulces
  • Who is Oshún: It is the deity of love, peace, femininity, sexuality, beauty. She owns rivers and copper, represents the struggle of life. Care and protection of the reproductive organs of women and has a fundamental presence at the time of fertilization.


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Oggun – Orisha de los metales
  • Who is Oggún: He is the Orisha who has the mission to fight for all of us. Owner of iron and minerals. Master the mystery of the mountain. He committed a fault and until the world is world he does not sleep at night or day.


Oshosi – Orisha de la Justicia
  • Who is Ochosi: He is the Orisha owner of justice and hunting. He is the hunter of men has great power.
Orula – Orisha de la adivinación
  • Who is Orula: is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle. He is the great benefactor of humanity and his main adviser. He reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.
Olokun – Orisha de las profundidades del mar
  • Who is Olokun: is an Orisha who is the foundation of Ifá and Osha and is related to the deep secrets of life and death. Olokun provides health, prosperity and material evolution.
Obba – Orisha de la castidad y fidelidad
  • Who is Obba: is an Orisha and represents the repressed love and sacrifice for the being that one loves, suffering and symbolizes conjugal fidelity. It is related to lakes and lagoons. Together with Oyá and Yewa he lives in the cemeteries and represents reckless warriors.
Odde – Orisha de las Injusticias
  • Who is Odde: Oddé saves people from persecution, from the injustices that occur in the courts, from malevolent forces and irradiations directed against an innocent person.
OrishaOko – Orisha de la producción de la tierra
  • Who is Orisha Oko: is an Orisha who in the nature represents the earth and in the life the agricultural work and the crops. It is directly related to agriculture and the countryside. Protector of tillage and plows. It gives strength to life because it provides the means to support it by giving the necessary food to live.
Asojuano – Orisha de las enfermedades y las pestilencias
  • Who Asojuano / Babalu Aye: is the Orisha of leprosy, smallpox, venereal diseases and in general of the plagues and misery. He is well known and revered. Represents skin conditions, contagious diseases, especially venereal diseases and epidemics in humans.




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