Do you want to know why animals are sacrificed in Santería?

One of the most controversial characteristics of the osha is the sacrifice of animals, find out why this practice is part of the Yoruba rituals

There is a belief that the sacrifice of animals is something evil and of diabolic origin, when in reality this is a ritual that is performed with the utmost respect and with a deep and sublime meaning. But let’s start at the beginning, let’s review what the Oki-Iroso pataki tells us about this topic:
It happened once that the birds began to make bad propaganda to Olofin. They said that Olofin was a murderer, because he was always sacrificing animals. Then all the birds of prey gathered, the sparrowhawk, the kestrel, the tiñosa, the caraïra, the owl, etc., made a meeting not to visit Olofin, because they said that there were many crimes at the door of Olofin’s house, that there was always blood.

Then all the birds of prey went to the corner and brought candy to Eshu and told him to look through a gap to see what Olofin was doing. Eshu saw a pool of blood behind the door, went to the corner and told his friends who continued to do bad propaganda to Olofin.

One morning he noticed the situation and took a basin with indigo water, honey from honey bees and melao, 7 wheels of tender corn and chiva milk and put it behind the door and a kiba cross, a piece of candle and he ate at the door, then in the corner was the dove, which was going to Olofin’s house, then all the birds of prey came out to him and told him that it was not because Olofin was a murderer because he killed the animals in the middle of the door.


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Be careful eyele does not kill you. The dove said: I’m going to Olofin’s house anyway. And he took his way, when he got to Olofin’s house and went in, he smeared his blood-white legs and told Olofin that she had gone to see him, but that his friends the hawks, owls, even the tiñosa, had told him that it was not because he was a murderer, but that she did not listen to them because he knew it was not true.

Then Olofin explained to the pigeon that he did not kill anyone, that if he sacrificed animals it was to save them all, because if he did not do it all they would get lost, and your eyele would have stained your blood paws, as long as the world is world you will have red legs and you will live here in my house, you will not lack food and you will have children to take messages of mine to where you need them, then Olofin sent the pigeon with a basket where he carried the bodies of the animals that he had sacrificed for the ebbo: that he would pass through all those birds of prey and turn the basket around the corners, so did the dove and returned to Olofin’s house.

When only the ashe of these animals of the ebbo were seasoned, forming a commotion between the birds of prey, the reptiles and even Eshu, who went to eat everything that was there, then the dove that was waiting for everyone to finish eating, He said: Hey, people, who gave you the food? We do not know what we saw there, and since it was so tasty we ate it.

Why did not you come to eat with us? not because I have mine, dear, and what concept do you still have of Olofin? you did not go there? so you ask us? because he is not a murderer as you say, because that food that you ate was commanded by him. Then they also killed because they ate the ebbo he made. To go eshu.

Having said that, let’s continue with the analysis of the sacrifice of animals, to understand it in depth, we must understand that the orishas are the energy of nature, it is this energy that we must align to procure everything that is good, to ward off an illness or to overcome an obstacle .

Olofin (God) gave the government of the world to human beings, therefore all that surrounds us is at our disposal. With this as a premise, to take the life of an animal, to preserve the life of a human being we are in the presence of a necessary evil.

On the other hand, the sacrifice is an act of respect, where the ceremony begins asking for permission and authorization from the orisha for what is going to be done, then the animal is presented at specific points in the body of the person offering the act. If the ebbo (sacrifice) is being performed for health or to overcome a situation, we proceed to clean the body of the person offering the sacrifice with the animal. During the offering process, songs are performed in honor of the deity that is receiving the offering. After the killing, the orisha’s conformity is requested.

In cases where the offering is from the heart (not marked by consultation) the participants can consume the meat of the animal, otherwise the animals must be taken to the determined place.


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