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What people call Santeria really is called Osha and it is a religion of African origin that has existed for thousands of years in which the energies of the universe materialized in elements of nature are adored, I invite you to continue reading and find out that it’s all about this

If you ask me to give you a simple concept of what Santeria means or the Rule of Osha, there is only one word that fully encompasses the meaning of this religion: LIFE. In santería many goals are pursued but all are oriented towards a single objective that the people who come to her live better every day and this is a precept that is sought in an integral way, the first and most important is HEALTH, if a human being He is not in good health, because he really can not enjoy life. That is why all the believers of the Osha the first thing we ask is health.

In the background, we ask for FIRMNESS, this simple but meaningful word is essential to be well on this earth, because to be firm in the couple is to enjoy a loving, stable, healthy relationship that does not fill with joy and happiness. Being firm in the family means that our family nucleus is an environment full of good intentions, affection, and where all the members support to achieve common goals. To be firm in the material world, implies producing what is necessary to satisfy the necessities of life, perhaps without luxuries or excesses but with comforts. Have a home, perhaps not own but if stable, regular and sufficient income, and in order not to be passing needs in life, that is firmness.

If we go a little further we find ourselves asking for EVOLUTION, asking that what we already have firm to prosper and evolve is the correct way to live fully the blessings that the Orishas (saints) have for us.



As you can see the most fundamental things of Santeria make up the greatest desires of all human beings and that is the main reason why every day more people go to the saints seeking to understand how to live in this world, how to be happy and how thrive in union with your loved ones.

And all this starts with something as simple as a consultation, because in consultation is where the orishas tell all human beings the recommendations and warnings needed to live better.

 Ire Oke omo Obatala ::.. Jesús Verde 



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