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  • De dónde viene la palabra Lukumí is a portal that shares spiritualism, osha and ifa information for believers, initiates, santeros and babalawos - Radio - Downloads - Books


The mission of is the rescue of our beliefs, with a team of duly consecrated professionals, people who spend months and hours in the study and every day learning more about our religion, that is why with every article we publish, We hope that people who wish to enter the religion are not scammed or deceived and give them a general knowledge preserving even secret ceremonies performed in the holy room so that the wonderful magic of the osha is not lost.


Our vision is to turn into the tool of many who ask for help and who maintain faith in the orishas after having lived bad experiences, thus managing, teaching, learning and spreading our religion, in a few words to make true religion, taking it to all spaces for more recondite and humbly guide whoever asks for it, distributing wisdom, as Ogbedi says (wisdom is divided) and joining each day more, strengthening us as advised by Ogundalamasa (in the union is the strength ) and thus leave a legacy of teaching in each person who follows us.



  • Rescue and preserve the values of the Osha and Ifa
  • Spread the cult of Osha and Ifa to all people hungry for information
  • Exposing scammers and charlatans who profit by the faith and ignorance of some people
  • Recognize the functions of each of the hierarchies in the rituals of Osha and Ifa