Did You know the importance of regular consultations with the Ifa Oracle?

Some people think that with just one consultation and one work they will get everything they want on this earth, nothing more distant from the truth, keep reading and find out how the Oracle of Ifa works on this earth

The sacred writings of Ifa, tell us in ogbe fun funlo that osogbo was the only one who did ebbo and that is why it is the strongest of all, therefore, the influence of osogbo in all its variants is always stalking us. When we go to consultation with the Oracle of Ifa, the presence of Ifa takes the osogbo away from our lives and opens a waiting time of 16 days in which, we must obligatorily perform the works (ebbos) prescribed in consultation.

This is of vital importance, because throughout the first 16 days the astrality of the sign will change towards the positive aspects if we did ebbo or towards the negative aspects if we did not do so. But the force of osogbo is like gravity, it is always present and we all feel its influence, therefore we can compare our lives like a balloon that we fill with air, gravity will always bring it down, in the same way osogbo will always try to make us bad, but the query and the ebbo marked in that query, are like a strong jet of air that raises that balloon, similarly to obey the word of Orula our things began to improve.

But like the balloon, things will eventually start to get complicated and the cause is very simple, the effect of ebbo fades away little by little and as that happens things in our environment begin to get complicated.


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With this simple example I intend to illustrate that it is not by liveliness or by taking advantage of the fact that the babalawos constantly repeat that one should consult periodically, it is simply that if we want to stay on high with health, prosperity, firmness, it is necessary to go and look with Orula and comply with the 16 days with the scheduled.

Know the recommendations and warnings of Ifa for your life, are a sure way to achieve everything you want, that is why I leave you below a contact form for you to request your consultation:

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