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Knowledge for Everyone

Spiritual Vault

Anyone with an inclination toward Spiritism or the Rule of Osha can have their Spiritual Vault in their house, here we tell you the fundamental thing to take care of it

¿What is Santería?

We invite you to review some basic concepts, myths and realities of this religion brought from Africa and that has spread worldwide

Do not be fooled

What are the steps of the Orula Hand Ceremony

We invite you to review the basic steps of the Orula Hand Ceremony to prevent you from being a victim of a scam

Before starting in Santeria
Basics Facts of the Osha
What you should know before being crowned

Books of Osha and Ifa?

Free Books to Download

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Rights and Duties of godparents

Rights and Duties of godparents

Learn how the relationship between Godparents and Godsons in the Osha and Ifa should work to achieve productive, positive and healthy relationships

Information for Newbies

50 Osha's FAQs

We bring you a summary of the most frequently asked questions that we all ask when we begin to know the Osha Rule

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